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Working on This Collection I Bought

I was at a yard sale the other day and I found this guy had a couple of train horn kits for sale. It seemed odd, but apparently they belonged to his Dad who had a really extensive collection of things related to trains. After he saw that I was interested in the subject he asked me if I wanted to see the rest. His Dad was getting ready to move into a condo, he was probably around sixty five years old and he had this great big house with around three acres of land around it. Obviously that is a lot of work for any man and he does not need the big house or the big yard. Apparently they used to have five kids and all of them have moved out. Continue reading

No Wonder People Are Swapping Their Cars for Bikes

Record numbers are swapping their cars for bikes and it’s not just for health and fitness reasons.

According to CarMD’s latest Vehicle Health Index, car repair costs in the US has gone up by 10% – which is a return to pre-recession rates.

Interestingly, auto car part costs increased by 6% while average labour costs were up a whopping 17%!

My advice , if you insist on owning a car, is to have a car maintenance budget and put a little money aside each month AND look to spend this money, because when it comes to vehicle care and maintenance, prevention is infinitely cheaper than cure. Be forewarned!

The Way to the Cheapest Third Party Car Insurance

If there was a way to get the cheapest possible cover on a very comprehensive car insurance policy, would you like to know about it? You bet! Below are some very simple tips about how to save on the next policy you take out. Of course, you want to make sure that the policy you choose provides you with sufficient cover first and foremost, however it is nice to save money along the way, right?

Quality Car Service in St. Louis

I am going to be flying into St. Louis on a business trip in the near future, and I am going to be staying in the city for a few days. I think that my flight back is 4 days after my arrival. During that span of time, I am going to need to have a car available in order to be able to drive around and such. That is why I am going to start looking for st louis car service companies that will be able to rent me a car for the duration of my stay in St. Louis.

I am hoping that I will be able to easily get a car that is fairly nice, and that I won’t run into any trouble during the transaction. That is why I want to find a quality car service company that is known for their reputation and good customer service.

How to Get Motorcycle Graphics in Dallas

vinyl graphics | Car Wraps In San Francisco, Sacramento and Los ...Many people that own a motorcycle find that they are interested in dallas motorcycle graphics for their motorcycle. Many people just want to give their motorcycle some style and add a little something to it. When you are picking what kinds of graphics you will want to have on your motorcycle, this is all just for your own creativity. You can add whatever you want to it. Maybe you play the guitar and would like to have a guitar decal graphic on your motorcycle. Maybe you would like to add some flames to your motorcycle to show everyone how awesome you think your motorcycle is.

Timing belt gone bad? Here’s what to expect!

The timing belt is an essential part of a vehicle’s engine.  Depending on the vehicle that you own, it is recommended to get your timing belt changed out every 60,000 miles, although in some cases you can drive up to 100,000 miles before getting it changed.  Failure to maintain this particular part of the engine can cause complete breakdown of your vehicle, as well as possible damage other gears and parts that are necessary to keep your engine running.  The cost associated with changing out a timing belt can be high, again also depending on the make and model of your car.  You have the option of either taking it to a mechanic, or actually doing it yourself if you have the tools and time.

As it will be discussed in the paragraph following this, changing your timing belt is not an easy task, as well as time consuming.  Therefore, many people opt to take their car to a dealership or to a mechanic to have this done for them.   It is hard to pinpoint exactly how much the total job will cost, as labor costs vary from place to place, and mechanics can charge different prices for the job.  Your best bet is to take your car to a variety of shops to find the best cost at the most trustworthy place.  Oftentimes when having the timing belt changed out, many people choose to also have other maintenance work done at the same time.  Before settling on a shop and taking your car in for service, you should check your owner’s manual to find out if there are any other standard maintenance jobs you can have done at the same time.  This can save you time and cost in the future, since you are already having your car worked on, plus will keep you from having maintenance done that is not necessary at that time.

Since labor costs can be fairly high for a job like timing belt replacement, some individuals opt to take care of this project themselves.  There are still costs associated with this option, but can be quite lower if you have all the tools, and if you have the time to work on your own car.  Check your owner’s manual for the type of part that you need to purchase from your local wholesaler, don’t necessarily rely on them to tell you what to purchase.  You should definitely familiarize yourself with the entire process before committing to this somewhat difficult and time consuming project.  There are a number of websites that outline the process from start to finish, and can give you a good idea of what you are getting into.  forc

Either route you choose, changing your timing belt will definitely cost you money, but it is money well spent.  Ignoring this very important maintenance detail can find you stranded without a vehicle, as the timing belt will inevitably strip or break, rendering it useless.  At that point, you maybe be spending a whole lot more money getting your car towed to the nearest mechanic, instead of being able to find the best one or preparing to handle the task yourself!